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For the sake of this article, the reader and my terrible typing skills, “they” or “them” will refer to government.

I used to have young man working for me that was a bit of a conspiracy theorist. He used to tell me, “The squeeze is coming!”. I asked him many times what that meant, but he had no answer. I have thought about that over the years, and came up with the following:

Imagine a group of folks that they are trying to manipulate, standing in a large circle. One by one the they go to each person and tell them that thing they are most afraid of (hunger, sickness, a specific racial or ethnic group, guns, etc.) is right outside the door. Most people’s first response, in the fight-or-flight perspective, is to back up. By the time they whisper in each person’s ear, the large circle, which any cowboy or sheepdog will tell you is difficult to control, has been squeezed down to a single, scared knot. This “knot” is very easy to control, move and manipulate.

Sequestration, a law which, according to Obama himself, was never intended to be enacted, is basically the squeeze. It is a game of “chicken”. Everyday, they operate the governmental monolith with money they don’t have. Hence, the debt. They could continue to operate as usual. They do it every minute of every day. They are choosing not to. They are telling us how bad things are going to get if one side or the other doesn’t budge. Each side has crossed their arms, stomped their feet, and is standing their ground over the mysteriously contrived figure of $85 billion…basically .5% of the national debt. Are you serious? All these oligarchs are trying to do is scare the crap out of low-info sheep (at least 51% of the voting populace). They are trying to change the American “normal” into it’s next evolution. Higher prices (mostly due to higher taxes and regulatory fees passed directly on to the consumer), less variety, less quality, less availability. Most of which is imported from the same countries that own our debt. And it’s across the board. Food, gas, medical care, underwear…100% of all goods and services are regulated, or controlled, by the American government.

It’s disgusting to watch the them in action, or inaction in most cases. We are $16 trillion in debt, yet these fools want to raise milk prices, get rid of a lot of teachers, lay off a bunch of federal employees (a system which I believe is drastically oversized), all for the sake of limiting the budget. They haven’t passed a balanced budget in years. They will not even discuss a balanced budget amendment. Yet, they are going to “limit the budget” by utilizing every tactic they can come up to affect as many of us as they can. Again, are you serious?

I took an oath, almost 30 years ago, to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The government, at all levels, is giving it all away, foreign and domestic. Almost a quarter (25% or 1/4, for the more hard-headed folks) of all employed Americans work for Uncle Sam. Approximately half of the population of the United States receives governmental income of one form or another. The day sequestration went into effect, they gave $60 million to Syria. Can someone find a Ivy League economics professor to explain exactly how this works? On paper, with real math, please. I’m all for fiscal accountability. I’m a high school dropout with a limited grasp of “money matters”. But, I do know that the first step to erasing debt is to stop spending!

Refusing to sign the check doesn’t make the monster go away. It simply absolves anyone from responsibility.


I find it interesting that I cannot find a definitive number of the amount of laws put into effect in 2012. I’ve seen numbers as high as 40,000, and as low as 47. As with anything regarding any form of government, the truth can be found somewhere in the fog between. The powers that be, at all levels, local, state and federal, pass laws faster than we can keep up with them. When the legislative branch doesn’t move fast enough, or enact laws that meet certain agendas, the executive branch has taken to utilizing “executive powers”, either directly or via some presidential appointee. All this tells me is that at any given time, each one of us has a very good statistical chance of breaking a rule, regulation or law. Effectively erasing the notion of “law abiding citizen”.

Why are so many laws, especially ones that directly affect individual freedom or private property, aimed at law abiding citizens? The government continually passes laws based on the premise that we are too stupid, too lazy or too irresponsible to manage our own lives.

They take money from us every pay period, because we might not have the fiscal responsibility to pay our income tax at the end of the year. They get to draw the interest from it, we don’t. Not to mention the amount of cash that can stay in the economy on a continual basis. They take more money away from us, every pay period, so that they can “invest” it and ensure that we have a “decent” income after retiring, at an age determined by them. Remember interest and the economy? Social Security is the largest Ponzi scheme ever perpetrated. Per my last Social Security statement, my projected income will be lower than the poverty level of 2012. I don’t turn 68 until 2034. How far below the line will it be then? It really doesn’t matter, because it won’t exist anymore.

The current, and one of the most important battles in recent memory, concerns gun control. What this really boils down to is populace control. Government officials are outlawing property that was perfectly legal to own yesterday. They would like to require a national registry of private property. They would like for your PRIVATE physician to survey you about gun ownership, and report it to them. They would like to ban firearms that keep the citizenry on equal footing with them. Basically, turning citizens into unarmed subjects. Not to mention creating a population of unarmed victims ripe for the picking from criminals that don’t care about, and in many cases can’t read, gun laws. Chicago has had some of the strictest gun laws in the country for years. Look at the murder rate in that town. Unreal. What part of “…shall not be infringed” is unclear?

Private property rights can be swept aside with the stroke of a pen. Between imminent domain statutes and unregulated homeowner’s associations, the “American Dream”, as so many define as property ownership, can be taken from you without due process or fair compensation. All for the “good of the community”. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to live in a community that tells me what I can and cannot have on my property, or that feels compels to take my home to widen a street, or build a mall.

Even though not mentioned in the Constitution as one of the duties of the government, the feds have seen fit to make our health and well-being their business. The objective was to make affordable healthcare affordable for everyone. But for folks that can’t afford insurance, the law allows the government to fine (tax) them more of what they don’t have. They will fine employers for not providing insurance. Is that really their (the employer) responsibility? How many folks have been laid off, since this was passed, because the company they work for simply cannot afford to pay for heath insurance?

These are some of the most pressing issues facing our country, at this time. Yet, none of them are concerning criminals. They don’t prevent any crimes. They don’t save any lives. They don’t make this a safer place to live.

There is a rising wave of individuals and companies exercising their freedoms. It’s growing every day. Companies are refusing to provide their goods and services to government entities that enact laws that provide more power to them, than the citizens of our great land. Grassroots movements are popping up everywhere to oust certain elected officials, advance positive agendas and ideas, effect change at whatever level they can. People are standing up for what is right, regardless of the cost. This is the American Dream.

Warrior class

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Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. -John 15:13

The warrior class has been around since two or more folks have banded together to increase their strength to defeat a common enemy. Spartans, Trojans, Vikings, Legionnaires, Samurai, to name a few.

The American warrior class is alive and well. We are not warmongers, sociopaths or killers. We are sons, daughters, brothers and sisters. We come from every community in America. Occasionally, we come from other countries. I went to Parachute School with a young man from Poland. He immigrated to America just for the privilege of serving in the United States Army.

We serve out of love of faith, family and freedom.
We serve because we are raised in an environment of duty, and responsibilty.
We serve out of family tradition.
We serve because we have long memories.
We serve because we are educated, and realize that someone has to toe the line to defend those that cannot defend themselves.
We serve to honor those that made the ultimate sacrifice. This includes their families, whose sacrifice usually goes unnoticed.
We serve out of a deep and resounding respect for our country, regardless of our personal politics. We do not make policy, we enforce it.

I was raised in VFW and American Legion posts. A lot of folks think that these places are full of old men sitting around drinking cheap beer and telling dirty jokes (not that there’s anything wrong with that). These are hallowed halls where veterans can come together and share experiences with others who were there. For some, it may be their only outlet for the memories, and the nightmares. As a young boy, I was surrounded by all manner of Americana, both in these Posts, as well as in family members homes. The flag, whether displayed as part of a post meeting, or the little pin on the fishing hat of a one-legged (his other one is somewhere in Europe, or on an island in the Pacific) old guy with the chronic cigar hanging out of his mouth. The display board at the Post with a plaque for every Life Member…having to be told that black ones are for those that have passed. The murals representing all branches of the Armed Forces. The yellow “52” that my father hand embroidered on his jean jacket during the Iranian hostage crisis. My uncle’s rose tattoo with “Texas” on the ribbon under it (his is the only one of three to return from VietNam). All of these things, and more, combined to instill a sense of duty, honor, country in me that continues to this day.

The warrior class creates a brotherhood that surpasses blood. It surpasses race, gender, ethnicity and religion. It creates bonds that go beyond this life itself.

I am a proud part of the warrior class.

Pull the lever

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Consider this…from a historical perspective, the House of Representatives is “the people’s house”. Those folks, specifically, are elected to represent those that elected them. Do your representatives represent your views, your needs, your best interests? The views, needs and interests of your neighbors? Do your senators? If the answer is no, why do most of them keep getting elected?

After decades of passivity and inaction, the American people have created an oligarchy. The American goverment, as it is today, is not much different than the Senate of the Roman empire. A ruling class has evolved, and continues to rear it’s ugly head. They pass laws that are so thick and convoluted that you would be hard pressed to find a single one of them that has read Obamacare cover to cover. They pass laws that directly affect each and every one of us, the “Fiscal Cliff”, in 3 minutes from the time it is presented, to the time it is voted on. I cannot read 150+ pages in 3 minutes, can you? They continue to pass laws that affect everyone but them, again Obamacare is a good example.

We don’t need to wait for a Constitutional amendment on term limits. Each and every one of us IS a term limit. Vote these criminals out! They don’t give 2 s%^&s about us, except every 2, 4, or 6 years, when election time comes around. They care more about “undocumented workers”, or foreign aid, or new and improved ways to steal from the American working people and give it away to someone else…foreign and domestic.

Vote, and enforce the term limit yourself.

Knee jerk

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I love the term “knee-jerk”. It implies an immediate, uncontrollable reaction to some kind of stimuli. Normally, I don’t like to apply this term to myself. I like to think that I give everything some degree of thought, before I respond or react (trust me, I do not always succeed).

A while back, a “friend” on facebook de-friended someone else. My “friend” is an open-minded person. Smart, insightful, able to see all sides, but not afraid to stand her ground, or speak her mind. Her “de-friend” came back, at some unknown interval after the de-friending, with a scathing attack. Lecturing about researching a topic before talking about it. Spouting about lacking understanding of other people’s views, etc. Basically, chewing my friend out for doing the exact thing she was writing about ( a knee-jerk reaction, in my opinion).

This exchange provoked a knee-jerk reaction from me. My response:

The greatest thing about the First Amendment (obviously THE most important thing on the framers mind at the time of inception) is that we get to say exactly what is on our mind. We don’t have to do “well-rounded research”. We get to tell our side of the story. If you don’t like it, go away! I don’t have to spend time, money or energy “looking at it from your perspective”. When I speak, or write, it’s my perspective…period. These are the same people that want to take guns away from law-abiding citizens, yet when someone breaks in to their home and shoves a gun in their face, they call someone else, with a gun, to come rescue them. HYPOCRITES! Live and let live.


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I have no problem with folks immigrating to the United States. If I believed that “foreigners” should be kept out, I wouldn’t be here today. One side of my family has been in America since before there was an America. One side immigrated to America in the 1860’s from Czechoslovakia.

This is still the greatest country ever created by man, and I am proud to share it…with folks that are resposible enough to follow the rules that are in place. This creates a different problem for me. I am for smaller government, less regulation and less red tape. But this issue requires some serious measures in place. I’m just fed up with the gubmint giving away our birthright. I’m fed up with continual lowering of wages, the loss of jobs to folks that aren’t legal to work here, the unaccountable outflow of American money to foreign countries and the influx of communicable disease. Frankly, I’m tired of watching the government allowing it to happen. I am tired of people showing up at local, county, state and federal goverment offices, and being given the keys to the city. Food, housing, medical care, business loans, or in a lot of cases, grants. The parking lots are full of expensive cars with expensive wheels and tires and mothers with 3, 4, 5 kids in tow. Who’s paying for that? I was born here, I served in the military, and I would love the opportunity to start my own business, but there is an old saying, “Dogs and soldiers keep off of the grass”. For the 21st century, “Dogs and American citizens keep off of the grass”. It’s difficult for Americans to get fair treatment in our own country.

I believe that that system is as corrupt as any other part of our bureaucracy. I don’t pretend to understand why one must have a lawyer, and thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars, as well as the patience of Job, to muddle through the immigration process. What happened to the good old days of Ellis Island, where they corrupted your proud family names and pushed you through like so much cattle? Don’t get me wrong…in this crazy, very dangerous world that we live, there is definitely the time and necessity to run a background check on every single person that shows up at an ICE office requesting a visa, green card or what have you. House them in TEMPORARY areas (there are plenty of mothballed military bases all over the country) until they pass the screening process. If they are found to be “hostile”, or have some other kind of questionable background, return them to wherever they came from.

If an “immigrant”, by the way I hate using that term for criminals that sneak into our country, but we’ll keep using it for the sake of conversation, is caught entering the US illegally, they need to be dealt with strongly and swiftly. By definition, they are breaking the law by their very presence. Is that too harsh? No. Just realistic. No political correctness allowed here.

First offense, fly them back to their country of origin…to the airport furthest from the United States. One may ask, “Who’s gonna pay for that?”. I am quite sure that a one way ticket is considerably cheaper than the financial drain that even one illegal immigrant puts on the taxpayer’s dime. Second offense, incarceration, period. Bring back the chain gangs and put these folks to work building and rebuilding infrastructure. After 5 years…see first offense.

Maybe if they help build and maintain the American dream, it would make them more amenable to attain it the right way, earn it.


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Since the release of, “Zero Dark Thirty”, there has been a renewed outcry over enhanced interrogation techniques, or it’s better known buzzword, torture. If it were simple as asking someone for information, “Where are your accomplices?”, “Are you going to blow up a school?”, etc., we wouldn’t need to push a little harder. But no criminal worth their salt is going to give up valuable info that easy. If you had it,and knew that others out there will kill you for divulging said info, would you tell if simply asked? I think not.

Information, or intelligence, is, by it’s nature, valuable. Value is subjective. Monetarily, militarily, literally life or death. Again, no one willingly relinquinshes anything of value to total strangers with some degree of motivation. Walk down a city street with a clear plastic bag full of cash. A well dressed perfect stranger politely asks for all of the money in the bag. You politely decline and you both move on. A street thug walks up and demands all of the cash…NOW! You decline. Now they need to motivate you to give them what they want, and they punch you in the face. Now you have a choice to make, give up something valuable, or continue to receive “enhanced techniques”. The implied threat is that this experience will continue at this level, or could possibly get elevated to the next. What are you going to do?

Our own goverment has there own “enhanced” techniques that they use on people and entities, foreign and domestic, every day. Leverage, blackmail, audits…not all techniques involve physical pain. Interrogation is as simple as that.

What if your loved was being held cative, with a deadline given before their life is no longer valuable to the captors? The powers that be have an accomplice available. Would you want a civilized discourse over tea, or something a little more “enhanced”? What if it involved thousands of innocents? Nuclear or biological weapons?

Where do you draw the line?