First shot.

Posted: December 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s difficult to keep from having a knee jerk reaction when something offends your sensibilities. Although, that doesn’t seem to be too difficult for the few that make policy in this country.

Due to a rash of horrific crimes, the powers that be, on both ends of the political spectrum, are racing to be the first one to come up with a “solution” to gun related crime in America. First off, banning any kind of weapon is not the answer. 9/11 happened; airliners are still legal. The tragedy in Oklahoma City happened; fuel, fertilizer and rental trucks are still legal. If people want to hurt another person, they can, and will, make a weapon out of just about anything. Secondly, creating some kind of Big Brother database of guns and gun owners is not the answer. The guns used on those poor children in Newtown, CT belonged to the shooter’s mother. How would a registry have prevented that? The nut that set his own house on fire, then shot firefighters as they tried to put it out, was a convicted felon. The weapons he used did not belong to him. Again, how would a registry have prevented that?

I have heard different potential fixes from a wide variety of people, professional soldiers, lawyers, politicians, law enforcement folks, and many have merit. But trying to “prevent” random acts of violence committed by evil people, mentally ill people or religious zealots is simply an unattainable goal.

I don’t claim to have any answers to these complex issues. But, I do know what some of the answers aren’t. I guess that if we keep eliminating solutions that won’t work, we just might be left with one that will.

  1. jasonamyers says:

    The day of the Newtown attack, there was an attack in China of a man wielding a knife and killing a bunch of kids. Let’s outlaw knives while we’re at it? No? Hm. Ok.

    It’s not the weapons that need to be rehabilitated, it’s the humans wielding them.

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