Preparing…for what?

Posted: January 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

Even though they have been around since the dawn of mankind, there seems to be an increased popularity of the survivalist, or “Doomsday Prepper”. This group of individuals tries to prepare for any and all eventualities. Good luck with that!

Anyone that thinks that they can rathole enough food, water, clothing, shelter and medical needs to outlast even a small catastrophe is fooling themselves. There is no way to predict what kind of event will hit. Disease, meteor strike, electromagnetic pulse, global warming or zombie apocalypse, each scenario presents its own set of unique challenges, as well as its own degree of preparedness.

But the real bottom line is this, what are the chances that a prepper will be at their cache of supplies at the time of disaster? Mediocre at best. You could be at the mall, at work, on vacation, etc., etc. So, the event hits, and you find yourself making your way to your cache. 300 million people, just in America, are trying to find their loved ones, seek shelter, make their way home, or generally running around in a screaming panic. It does not matter how much stuff you have squirreled away, if you are not trained properly, chances are that you won’t make it a mile before you become an unpleasant statistic.

If you do make it to the place you have expended all of time, money and effort to designate as your last stand, think about this…how many folks know about it? Your kids? How many of their friends have they told? Your wife? Her friends? Other friends and relatives? The point is, now you have another group of folks, in case they haven’t been “prepping” themselves, that will seek out your supplies, shelter, medicine, etc. Are you willing to kill for a can of Spam? Most people aren’t. What about folks who just happen upon your spot days, weeks, months after the inital event? Are you equipped, as well as mentally and physically prepared, to defend your stock of aftermarket MRE’s against a desperate and hungry horde of men, women and children?

Let’s say you have stockpiled dozens of AR-15’s, shotguns, handguns, deer rifles and 10,000 rounds for each and every gun you own. Can you use, at best, more than 2 of these guns at a time? What about the time it takes to reload? Remember the desperate, hungry hordes?

In this area, I am sympathetic. My preparation used to consist of accumulating as much ammunition as I could afford at any given time. I believed the bumper sticker that read, “AMMO…the Currency of the New Millenium”. My philosophy was that with enough ammo I could “buy” everything my family and I could need. My thought process finally changed when I really began to give these type of situations the thought and research they required.

Each type of disaster brings its own set of challenges. I can’t possibly cover every eventuality, but consider the following…

1. In a true survival situation, you only need to worry about 4 basic needs; food, water, protection from the elements and first aid.
2. I have a few friends that part of their “plan” includes generators for lights, heaters and other powered devices. A person would expend so much time and energy scrounging for fuel and maintaining their generation equipment, they won’t have enough time and energy left over to hunt, forage or farm.
3. Nuclear disaster: Would you really want you and yours to survive this, only to suffer through radiation sickness?
4. Communicable disease: Smallpox, Ebola, plague, to name a few. Would you want to endure having to watch a loved one, or loved ones, “live” through something like that?

I am not a pessimist. I am a realist. Again, you cannot prepare properly for every possible scenario, much less expect to be within arms reach of your “stuff”.

I am not against preparedness of any kind. But, I do think that each person, and their family, needs to prepare for whatever is most likely to be immediate-vicinity, short-term disasters (tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, weather-related power outages).

I feel that if you decide to truly become a “prepper” the only way to really prepare is to completely remove yourself from “civilization” immediately, and begin living your end-of-the-world utopia. At that point, you wouldn’t even know that you were surviving when the ship hit the sand.

I believe that my time, money and effort is better spent living in the now, and enjoying life to the fullest (in whatever form that takes for each of us). I am prepping by doing absolutely nothing.

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