Posted: January 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Since the release of, “Zero Dark Thirty”, there has been a renewed outcry over enhanced interrogation techniques, or it’s better known buzzword, torture. If it were simple as asking someone for information, “Where are your accomplices?”, “Are you going to blow up a school?”, etc., we wouldn’t need to push a little harder. But no criminal worth their salt is going to give up valuable info that easy. If you had it,and knew that others out there will kill you for divulging said info, would you tell if simply asked? I think not.

Information, or intelligence, is, by it’s nature, valuable. Value is subjective. Monetarily, militarily, literally life or death. Again, no one willingly relinquinshes anything of value to total strangers with some degree of motivation. Walk down a city street with a clear plastic bag full of cash. A well dressed perfect stranger politely asks for all of the money in the bag. You politely decline and you both move on. A street thug walks up and demands all of the cash…NOW! You decline. Now they need to motivate you to give them what they want, and they punch you in the face. Now you have a choice to make, give up something valuable, or continue to receive “enhanced techniques”. The implied threat is that this experience will continue at this level, or could possibly get elevated to the next. What are you going to do?

Our own goverment has there own “enhanced” techniques that they use on people and entities, foreign and domestic, every day. Leverage, blackmail, audits…not all techniques involve physical pain. Interrogation is as simple as that.

What if your loved was being held cative, with a deadline given before their life is no longer valuable to the captors? The powers that be have an accomplice available. Would you want a civilized discourse over tea, or something a little more “enhanced”? What if it involved thousands of innocents? Nuclear or biological weapons?

Where do you draw the line?


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