Posted: January 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have no problem with folks immigrating to the United States. If I believed that “foreigners” should be kept out, I wouldn’t be here today. One side of my family has been in America since before there was an America. One side immigrated to America in the 1860’s from Czechoslovakia.

This is still the greatest country ever created by man, and I am proud to share it…with folks that are resposible enough to follow the rules that are in place. This creates a different problem for me. I am for smaller government, less regulation and less red tape. But this issue requires some serious measures in place. I’m just fed up with the gubmint giving away our birthright. I’m fed up with continual lowering of wages, the loss of jobs to folks that aren’t legal to work here, the unaccountable outflow of American money to foreign countries and the influx of communicable disease. Frankly, I’m tired of watching the government allowing it to happen. I am tired of people showing up at local, county, state and federal goverment offices, and being given the keys to the city. Food, housing, medical care, business loans, or in a lot of cases, grants. The parking lots are full of expensive cars with expensive wheels and tires and mothers with 3, 4, 5 kids in tow. Who’s paying for that? I was born here, I served in the military, and I would love the opportunity to start my own business, but there is an old saying, “Dogs and soldiers keep off of the grass”. For the 21st century, “Dogs and American citizens keep off of the grass”. It’s difficult for Americans to get fair treatment in our own country.

I believe that that system is as corrupt as any other part of our bureaucracy. I don’t pretend to understand why one must have a lawyer, and thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars, as well as the patience of Job, to muddle through the immigration process. What happened to the good old days of Ellis Island, where they corrupted your proud family names and pushed you through like so much cattle? Don’t get me wrong…in this crazy, very dangerous world that we live, there is definitely the time and necessity to run a background check on every single person that shows up at an ICE office requesting a visa, green card or what have you. House them in TEMPORARY areas (there are plenty of mothballed military bases all over the country) until they pass the screening process. If they are found to be “hostile”, or have some other kind of questionable background, return them to wherever they came from.

If an “immigrant”, by the way I hate using that term for criminals that sneak into our country, but we’ll keep using it for the sake of conversation, is caught entering the US illegally, they need to be dealt with strongly and swiftly. By definition, they are breaking the law by their very presence. Is that too harsh? No. Just realistic. No political correctness allowed here.

First offense, fly them back to their country of origin…to the airport furthest from the United States. One may ask, “Who’s gonna pay for that?”. I am quite sure that a one way ticket is considerably cheaper than the financial drain that even one illegal immigrant puts on the taxpayer’s dime. Second offense, incarceration, period. Bring back the chain gangs and put these folks to work building and rebuilding infrastructure. After 5 years…see first offense.

Maybe if they help build and maintain the American dream, it would make them more amenable to attain it the right way, earn it.


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