Knee jerk

Posted: February 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

I love the term “knee-jerk”. It implies an immediate, uncontrollable reaction to some kind of stimuli. Normally, I don’t like to apply this term to myself. I like to think that I give everything some degree of thought, before I respond or react (trust me, I do not always succeed).

A while back, a “friend” on facebook de-friended someone else. My “friend” is an open-minded person. Smart, insightful, able to see all sides, but not afraid to stand her ground, or speak her mind. Her “de-friend” came back, at some unknown interval after the de-friending, with a scathing attack. Lecturing about researching a topic before talking about it. Spouting about lacking understanding of other people’s views, etc. Basically, chewing my friend out for doing the exact thing she was writing about ( a knee-jerk reaction, in my opinion).

This exchange provoked a knee-jerk reaction from me. My response:

The greatest thing about the First Amendment (obviously THE most important thing on the framers mind at the time of inception) is that we get to say exactly what is on our mind. We don’t have to do “well-rounded research”. We get to tell our side of the story. If you don’t like it, go away! I don’t have to spend time, money or energy “looking at it from your perspective”. When I speak, or write, it’s my perspective…period. These are the same people that want to take guns away from law-abiding citizens, yet when someone breaks in to their home and shoves a gun in their face, they call someone else, with a gun, to come rescue them. HYPOCRITES! Live and let live.


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