Warrior class

Posted: February 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. -John 15:13

The warrior class has been around since two or more folks have banded together to increase their strength to defeat a common enemy. Spartans, Trojans, Vikings, Legionnaires, Samurai, to name a few.

The American warrior class is alive and well. We are not warmongers, sociopaths or killers. We are sons, daughters, brothers and sisters. We come from every community in America. Occasionally, we come from other countries. I went to Parachute School with a young man from Poland. He immigrated to America just for the privilege of serving in the United States Army.

We serve out of love of faith, family and freedom.
We serve because we are raised in an environment of duty, and responsibilty.
We serve out of family tradition.
We serve because we have long memories.
We serve because we are educated, and realize that someone has to toe the line to defend those that cannot defend themselves.
We serve to honor those that made the ultimate sacrifice. This includes their families, whose sacrifice usually goes unnoticed.
We serve out of a deep and resounding respect for our country, regardless of our personal politics. We do not make policy, we enforce it.

I was raised in VFW and American Legion posts. A lot of folks think that these places are full of old men sitting around drinking cheap beer and telling dirty jokes (not that there’s anything wrong with that). These are hallowed halls where veterans can come together and share experiences with others who were there. For some, it may be their only outlet for the memories, and the nightmares. As a young boy, I was surrounded by all manner of Americana, both in these Posts, as well as in family members homes. The flag, whether displayed as part of a post meeting, or the little pin on the fishing hat of a one-legged (his other one is somewhere in Europe, or on an island in the Pacific) old guy with the chronic cigar hanging out of his mouth. The display board at the Post with a plaque for every Life Member…having to be told that black ones are for those that have passed. The murals representing all branches of the Armed Forces. The yellow “52” that my father hand embroidered on his jean jacket during the Iranian hostage crisis. My uncle’s rose tattoo with “Texas” on the ribbon under it (his is the only one of three to return from VietNam). All of these things, and more, combined to instill a sense of duty, honor, country in me that continues to this day.

The warrior class creates a brotherhood that surpasses blood. It surpasses race, gender, ethnicity and religion. It creates bonds that go beyond this life itself.

I am a proud part of the warrior class.


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