Posted: March 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

For the sake of this article, the reader and my terrible typing skills, “they” or “them” will refer to government.

I used to have young man working for me that was a bit of a conspiracy theorist. He used to tell me, “The squeeze is coming!”. I asked him many times what that meant, but he had no answer. I have thought about that over the years, and came up with the following:

Imagine a group of folks that they are trying to manipulate, standing in a large circle. One by one the they go to each person and tell them that thing they are most afraid of (hunger, sickness, a specific racial or ethnic group, guns, etc.) is right outside the door. Most people’s first response, in the fight-or-flight perspective, is to back up. By the time they whisper in each person’s ear, the large circle, which any cowboy or sheepdog will tell you is difficult to control, has been squeezed down to a single, scared knot. This “knot” is very easy to control, move and manipulate.

Sequestration, a law which, according to Obama himself, was never intended to be enacted, is basically the squeeze. It is a game of “chicken”. Everyday, they operate the governmental monolith with money they don’t have. Hence, the debt. They could continue to operate as usual. They do it every minute of every day. They are choosing not to. They are telling us how bad things are going to get if one side or the other doesn’t budge. Each side has crossed their arms, stomped their feet, and is standing their ground over the mysteriously contrived figure of $85 billion…basically .5% of the national debt. Are you serious? All these oligarchs are trying to do is scare the crap out of low-info sheep (at least 51% of the voting populace). They are trying to change the American “normal” into it’s next evolution. Higher prices (mostly due to higher taxes and regulatory fees passed directly on to the consumer), less variety, less quality, less availability. Most of which is imported from the same countries that own our debt. And it’s across the board. Food, gas, medical care, underwear…100% of all goods and services are regulated, or controlled, by the American government.

It’s disgusting to watch the them in action, or inaction in most cases. We are $16 trillion in debt, yet these fools want to raise milk prices, get rid of a lot of teachers, lay off a bunch of federal employees (a system which I believe is drastically oversized), all for the sake of limiting the budget. They haven’t passed a balanced budget in years. They will not even discuss a balanced budget amendment. Yet, they are going to “limit the budget” by utilizing every tactic they can come up to affect as many of us as they can. Again, are you serious?

I took an oath, almost 30 years ago, to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The government, at all levels, is giving it all away, foreign and domestic. Almost a quarter (25% or 1/4, for the more hard-headed folks) of all employed Americans work for Uncle Sam. Approximately half of the population of the United States receives governmental income of one form or another. The day sequestration went into effect, they gave $60 million to Syria. Can someone find a Ivy League economics professor to explain exactly how this works? On paper, with real math, please. I’m all for fiscal accountability. I’m a high school dropout with a limited grasp of “money matters”. But, I do know that the first step to erasing debt is to stop spending!

Refusing to sign the check doesn’t make the monster go away. It simply absolves anyone from responsibility.


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